I can help YOU to do Your job better

Do what YOU are good at. Let ME make your brand, your service, your new product more VISIBLE and RECOGNISABLE. AND ► If you want to change your work space or your home into a more energetic place... have a look on my GALLERY of XXL COLOURFUL PAINTINGS.THOSE AREA REAL MOOD BOOSTERS >:o)

Express own personality & present your brand the RIGHT WAY

My current clients include small to medium businesses, sole traders and private persons. Some have stable, prosperous businesses or organize events. Others wants to seem attractive and professional in the social media ocean or visually boost their web page...

I love to work with people, who know what they want and what they like. I'm also eager to patiently help those, who have no experiences with media, propagation, printing process, paper size and ending methods...  Their are experts in their field. I am experienced in mine:

   brand identity & logo design

   small prints & social media presentation

   vector illustration & patterns

   handmade paintings & drawings

   customized gifts & advertising objects

Thanks to digital printing many products and everyday-use objects can be easily customised. Tailored due to our needs, tastes, imagination, our budget or marketing plans! There are plenty of  techniques, dozens materials and a few reliable printing houses, which help you reach your goal. Let's befriend your own office, home or your customers! Pop out from the crowd! Refine your brand! Make yourself or someone happy!